Starblast™ Ultra Blasting Abrasive

For Aggressive Abrasive Blasting

Starblast™ Ultra is a uniquely formulated addition to the Starblast™ product line of abrasive blasting media.

Starblast™ Ultra blasting abrasive is designed for applications that require a more aggressive abrasive, such as steel maintenance and removal of heavy rust or paint. It can also effectively penetrate and remove weathered coatings without damaging the substrate.

Benefits of Using Starblast™ Ultra

While coarser than Chemours Starblast™ and Starblast™ XL, Starblast™ Ultra offers the same product advantages, such as:

  • Greater blasting visibility due to minimal dust generation
  • Lower labor costs through faster, more-efficient blasting
  • Less material costs due to the blasting media's recyclability
  • More uniform blast pattern
  • Guaranteed to contain <3% free silica, typically <2%
  • Electrically nonconductive

About Starblast™ Ultra from The Chemours Company

Like other Starblast™ products, The Chemours Company mines the staurolite sands used in Starblast™ Ultra from mineral deposits in the southeastern United States. These naturally occurring sub-rounded to sub-angular mineral sands have been thoroughly washed to remove dirt, ultrafines, and dust.

Starblast™ Ultra is available in:

  • 22.7-kg (50-lb) multiwall paper bags
  • 1814.4 kg (2 tons) bulk bags
  • Bulk hopper rail cars
  • Bulk pneumatic trucks

View the Starblast™ Ultra Product Information Sheet to learn more.