Transforming Catheter Design with Advanced Performance Materials

Are standard industry materials holding you back from achieving your optimal medical device designs? We can help.

You have challenges that keep you up at night. Our team can help create solutions. Watch our R&D expert, Dr. Randal King, Ph.D., spotlight how our technology and materials expertise can help you break free from industry convention and drive catheter design forward.

In our 10-minute Tech Talk, we:

  • Review the conventional approach to catheter design and production, identify today’s key challenges and create disruption by asking: How can we do better?
  • Discuss the methodology and high-level overview of the process we used to simplify the design to maximize the functionality with the same form factor.
  • Explain how material expertise can help achieve a self-supported, single-wall catheter design that is less complicated and more cost-effective to produce.

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Transforming catheter design with advanced performance materials