Manufacturing Fluoroproducts, Lubricants, and Dry Films

Driving chemical research, development, and production for over 100 years.

Chambers Works

Innovating since 1917

Manufacturing at the Chambers Works facility—located on 1,400 acres in Deepwater, New Jersey, in Salem County—dates back to 1917. The site has served as an important research and production facility to help drive the nation’s economic expansion and national security interests throughout its history. The site’s most notable scientist, Nobel Prize recipient Charles Pedersen, discovered the crown ether molecule in the lab at Chambers Works.

Today, Chemours Chambers Works manufactures:

  • Fluoroproducts used in surface protections in textiles, paper, synthetic fibers, stone and tile
  • Lubricants that enable safety, efficiency, and reliability in the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Dry films used primarily for razor blade coatings