Manufacturing Advanced Performance Materials, Lubricants and Dry Films
Driving chemical research, development and production for over 125 years.

Chambers Works

Manufacturing at the Chambers Works site —located on more than 1,400 acres in Deepwater, New Jersey, in Salem County—dates back to the 1890’s. The site has served as an important research and production facility to help drive the nation’s economic expansion and national security interests throughout its history. The site’s most notable scientist, Charles J. Pedersen, discovered the crown ether molecule in the Jackson Lab at Chambers Works for which he earned a Nobel Prize in 1987.

The Chemours Company began operations as an independent company at Chambers Works in 2015.


Chemours enables products that are critical to modern life – products that make our world safer, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly.  Chemours products are found in homes and businesses throughout the world.

Chemours provides various components of internal combustion engines, wearable computers, smart phones and tablets, and non-VOC paints and coatings for critical industrial applications which foster environmental safety in the chemical and power sectors.  Chemours also makes lubricants for the aerospace industry and critical domestic power delivery infrastructure, the petrochemical industry and more.

The global population is set to reach 10 billion by 2050 and, with that growth,  products made at the Chemours Chambers Works facilities are not only vital to the local and national economy, but also meet the global increase in demand for fluoroelastomers.  Today, Chemours Chambers Works manufactures products that are essential to life across many industries including:

  • Advanced performance materials used in surface protections in stone and tile sealants, architectural paints, barrier coatings for medical personal protective equipment, textile repellants, and synthetic fibers.
  • Fluorinated oils and greases that enable safety, efficiency, and reliability in the medical, automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, electronics, and pulp/paper industries.
  • Dry films used for coatings and other applications.
  • Fluorinated elastomeric polymers widely used in automotive and industrial manufacturing facilities.


Chemours seeks to be a force for good in our hometowns.  We want to build and reinforce strong connections always acting as good neighbors in the places where our employees live and work.  We believe in investing in our communities, strengthening our bonds, and building a successful future together.

Chambers Works is home to nesting Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and American Kestrels, and over 150 additional bird species have been seen at the site. That is one reason why the site is certified as a wildlife conservation site by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) The WHC is a nationally recognized non-profit organization promoting the virtues of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education, environmental stewardship and conservation. Chambers Works employee-volunteers promote environmental stewardship and engagement both onsite and in the community.  Chambers Works supports community science projects, native plant gardening, nest box monitoring and habitat enhancements in partnership with:

  • The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ (NJ Bald Eagle Project)
  • Delaware Ornithological Society (STEM Education)
  • Natural Lands Trust (American Kestrel Project)
  • Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (river clean-up)
  • NJ Audubon (native plants and invasive species management)

We also receive guidance from federal and state organizations including New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Division of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Services and USDA APHIS Wildlife Services.

Chemours is also proud to join with Salem Community College to bring the Partners in Education program. This sponsorship impacts more than 4,000 students and teachers in Salem County, NJ to fund teacher training that supplements the new Next Generation Science Standards, the Science Fair for grades 5-12, Kids Inquiry Conference, Ag Science Day, and Middle School and High School Academic League.  The outcomes of this partnership include improved STEM awareness and comprehension, increased community science/math literacy, enriched materials available to educators and students, and exposure to real-life best practices in the new standards curriculum.

To read more about how Chemours is investing in our communities to improve lives by increasing access to STEM skills, safety initiatives, and sustainable-environment programs, click here.


Our Chemours staff is called to live our company values, among them is “Safety Obsession”. We are steadfast in our attention to safety, and we look out for our colleagues’ well-being as well as our own. As individuals, we strive to be role models for working safely, promoting wellness, and caring for our environment. We believe that protection of people and the environment is our most significant responsibility.

  • We create and maintain safe work environments and ensure the stewardship of our products for their intended uses. This care extends to our employees, contractors, communities, customers, and all stakeholders.
  • We integrate safety, health, and care for the environment into our business planning and operating practices, and we lead our industry in sustainability initiatives through our Corporate Responsibility Commitment.
  • We understand our responsibility to follow company policies and governmental regulations that concern safety, personal protection, environmental compliance, and product stewardship. We expect the same from our business partners.
  • We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all people.
  • We build relationships based on transparency and trust and continually uphold our community partnership. We believe strategic alliances with our communities play a significant role in achieving our Corporate Responsibility Commitment.

We believe this commitment to safety and sustainability ensures enduring success for ourselves, our company, customers, and stakeholders.

Chambers Works Technical Documents

Quick access to Chambers Works documents available on this website.

NJPDES-DGW Permit Number NJ 0083429 and NJ 0105872 First Semester 2022 Semi-Annual NJPDES-DGW Report

Preliminary Assessment Report DuPont Chambers Works Complex, Pennsville and Carney’s Point Township, Salem County December 22, 2006

2014 Comprehensive RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) Report

Summary of Ecological Investigation in Carney’s Point, Rt. 130, Pennsville Twp, New Jersey, 08023

Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation July 2017

Revised Salem Canal Screening-Level Ecological Risk Assessment September 2019

Delaware River Screening-Level Ecological Risk Assessment, December 2018

Chemours Chambers Works Surveying and PFAS Sampling Program Residential GAC System Results – 4Q22

Figure 1 Residential Potable Well Sampling Locations with Results as of February 8, 2023

Table 1 Residential Potable Well PFAS Results in the Vicinity of the Chemours Chambers Works, Deepwater, New Jersey

Conceptual Site Model (C&SM) for Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Chemours Chambers Works, Deepwater, New Jersey submitted July 2017, Redacted/Removed Information

2016-2017 Residential Drinking Water Well Surveying and PFAS Sampling Program Status Update, Chemours Chambers Works Complex, Deepwater, New Jersey submitted September 2017 Redacted/Removed Information

Ongoing 2016 Residential Drinking Water Well Surveying and Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Sampling Program Status Update, Chemours Chambers Works Complex, Deepwater, New Jersey submitted June 2018, Redacted/Removed Information

Chambers Works Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit Revisions 06 02 2020

Chambers Works Draft NJPDES 2016 Permit Renewal

NJPDES Permit Number 0005100 Final Surface Water Minor Modification

Standard Operating Procedures for Ongoing 2016 Residential Drinking Water Well Surveying and PFAS Sampling Program

Quality Assurance Project Plan for PFAS Drinking Water Sampling Project