The World Needs F-gases

Fluorinated gases (F-gases), such as HFCs, HFOs, and HFO blends, power the largest industries and value chains, touching nearly every sector of the economy.

Believe the Science. Not the Hype. Fluorinated gases offer an innovative, reliable, and sustainable answer to the hazards and shortcomings of outdated industrial gases in three key ways:
Safety, Circularity, Decarbonization, Socioeconomic Value

Achieving a Circular Economy

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Paving the Way to Decarbonization

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Driving Innovation, Value & Reliability

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How F-gases Measure Up: Myth vs. Fact

Our Position on PFAS

Fluoropolymers and fluorinated gases are critical solutions that will enable the energy transition, electrify transport, power AI, and battle the next pandemic. While some PFAS definitions include these chemistries, studies confirm they are safe for their intended use and can be responsibly manufactured and used with strict emissions control. They are critical components in technologies we use every day and are vital to decarbonization and the energy transition.

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Get Involved to Support F-gases: Proposed regulations aim to restrict the manufacturing, use, and import of F-gases. Such a restriction would have a devastating impact on jobs, supply chains, the economy, and the ability to achieve global climate goals.

Prepare for the latest regulations and their impact. Contact us to learn how.

*Independent Socioeconomic Analysis: Estimated 10-year impact to the European economy (profit and social costs) of a ban of PFAS where no viable alternative is available.