Solving some of the world’s biggest challenges

Chemours at Washington Works is a different kind of chemistry company. Every day we produce products that create a better world and are essential to our lives.

What we make at Washington Works makes the world work

From the cell phone in your hand, to fostering education in Wood County, to the habitats we conserve—Chemours Washington Works plays an important role. We are committed to producing innovative products that enable industries critical to both local prosperity and global progress, making a difference in our community, and being an environmental leader and responsible manufacturer.

We strive to not only be a great place to work, providing opportunities for people across Wood County and the Mid-Ohio Valley area, but also to contribute to the local economy and preserving and investing in the beauty of the environment around us. We are committed to empowering the next generation, within Chemours and throughout the community, with knowledge, experience and development opportunities.