Brand Protection and Guidelines

Protecting Some of Our Most Valuable Assets—Our Brands

Trademarks and brands are among the most important and valuable assets of any business, including Chemours. Trademarks, also known as brand names, denote a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. For example, Teflon™—one of Chemours’ world-famous brands—identifies products that are made with Chemours’ raw material(s), like fluoropolymers or industrial coatings.

A brand is more than a name—it symbolizes the dependability, standards, and quality associated with Chemours and its products and services. Chemours’ brands are the result of decades of intensive research, powerful chemistry, and disciplined marketing. Coupled with the promise of quality that our customers have grown to trust, our brands create value for both our company and the customers who buy our products. They command significant meaning in the marketplace.

At Chemours, we stand behind the promise of all of our brands and therefore take the protection of our proprietary rights and trademarks very seriously. An important aspect of being a trademark owner is to make sure that others are using our trademarks properly. If we fail to police against the misuse of our trademarks by others, we may lose our ownership rights.

Please help us care for our brands and ensure their proper use so they can continue to maintain their integrity and intrinsic value around the world. If you encounter someone using our trademarks improperly, please let us know.