A New Approach to Customer Centered Chemistry

Combining people, chemistry, and knowledge to help customers meet their engineering and design challenges.

While Chemours didn’t invent chemistry, we’ve been a pioneer in the field for decades. Throughout our history, we’ve given our customers a market edge by matching our products to their requirements. Today’s challenges, however, need more than off-the-shelf solutions. To meet the new requirements and challenges of an evolving world, Chemours is pulling from our diverse tool kit of chemistry to create the best solutions to meet diverse application needs.

The Chemours Application Development team is uniquely positioned to provide customers with unmatched partnership, collaboration, and innovation to create solutions that define businesses and revolutionize markets.

Applying Industry Expertise to Solve Application Needs

The Chemours Application Development team leverages not only a deep knowledge of fluorine chemistry, but also a collaborative approach to solve our customers’ application challenges. We’ll keep innovating our chemistry—after all, it’s what we do—but we’re committed to partnering with our customers to innovate collaboratively to solve their problems.

Investing in Our Future—and Our Customers

We see the value in learning about diverse applications and understanding them as deeply as our customers do. To facilitate rapid development and prototype solutions, we’ve built two dedicated labs and added resources that enhance customer collaboration:

The China Technology Center
This R&D/technical center for Fluoroproducts and Titanium Technologies opened in Shanghai, China in 2018. Our scientists and engineers at the center provide in-market application expertise for customers and facilitate knowledge and information exchange from around the world.

The Chemours Discovery Hub
Our new innovation center built in partnership with the University of Delaware opened on its Science, Technology, and Advanced Research (STAR) campus in 2020. There, researchers and engineers focus on integrated research, application development, and pilot processing for Titanium and Fluoroproduct technology.

A Passion for Partnership and Collaboration

Our Application Development team is the thought partner that’s eager to help customers solve their most difficult design challenges. In our labs, specialists create models that mirror our customers’ problems to give them a competitive edge—regardless of the application.

While we still have our expertise in fluorine chemistry, our solutions don’t stop there. We’re also branching out to other molecules and leveraging what we need to identify the best solution to resolve customer challenges. Partnering with industry experts, our team uses our R&D facilities and labs to rapidly test, iterate, and improve solutions against real world scenarios. To speak with a member of the Application Development team about your application, contact us.