Health and Safety

We are Committed to Taking A Leadership Role in Safety, Community, and Environmental Stewardship

Safety is Southern Ionics Mineral's (SIM) foremost priority. The company wants to ensure everyone who works onsite and offsite does their work safely and returns home to their families in a healthy condition. To accomplish this, Chemours strives to create a safety culture so that SIM workers feel empowered to always do what’s right, look out for their coworkers, and help to continually improve performance.

Ensuring a healthy and safe workforce requires training and education, best practices, and the right equipment. All SIM workers, vendors, contractors, and visitors receive Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) training appropriate for their activities. Additionally, onsite safety officers are available to help and advise, as well as develop procedures to ensure work is done safely.

Community Engagement

When SIM moved the corporate headquarters to Offerman, the company's goal was to reinforce their commitment to having a strong local presence and community engagement. This presence is most directly felt and demonstrated by the families in southeast Georgia that are supported by our 140 employees and countless local vendors and contractors.

Economic development can have a huge impact on rural areas, and the company's goal has always been to make a positive impact. Chemours strives to be good corporate citizens so that when people think of SIM, they think of their family, friends, and neighbors who are employees, as well as the community programs the company supports.

To let the community know about company activities and introduce SIM's people, a newsletter will be produced periodically and distributed by area newspapers:

First edition of the newsletter coming soon

Environmental Stewardship

A respect for the environment and a commitment to conserving natural resources are core values of SIM. Southeast Georgia is home to many precious resources: clean air and water, abundant wildlife and fisheries, productive soils and valuable minerals, and a complex cultural heritage. Chemours believes that the use of one resource should not be at the expense of others, so the company strives to be good stewards of the environment in all aspects of SIM's operations.

Environmental stewardship has four main components:

  • Environmental impact assessment and impact mitigation planning
  • Permitting and compliance
  • Operational improvement
  • Education and outreach

Before the first shovelful of dirt is moved, years are spent assessing sensitive resources, such as wetlands and protected species (such as the indigenous gopher tortoise), working with conservation partners to identify concerns, and developing plans to minimize our impacts.

SIM is continuously looking for technology and methods that allow for improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The company's goal is to leave the mine site in a condition that ensures the resources will be around for generations to come.