Precision Investment Casting

Domestic Zircon Sands for High-Quality Molds

Precision investment casting involves manufacturing of high-performance molds for casting of complex, intricate parts. The process requires high precision and has no room for defects. Investment casting is used when a part is difficult or impossible to create with other casting methods.

In this process, a wax mold of the part is created and covered in a coating of refractory material. This "jacket," made of layers of refractory material, is built up until the desired thickness is attained, and then the mold is rapidly heated to melt out the wax while hardening the jacket. This jacket is then used as a mold to cast the part.

Precision investment casting is challenging because of the:

  • Constant need to improve efficiency
  • Desire to continuously lower costs
  • Ongoing need for lighter parts

The Chemours Company leverages its mineral deposits in the southeastern United States to provide businesses with high-purity zircon for precision investment casting. Drawing on decades of experience, Chemours has used innovative processing techniques to create uniform, high-quality materials.

Chemours is one of only a few domestic producers of calcined zircon sands. This allows for consistent and reliable delivery to customers.