Starblast™ Coarse Blasting Abrasive

An Aggressive Blasting Abrasive

Starblast™ Coarse is a staurolite sand blend for more aggressive blasting needs, and is ideal for removing heavy paint coatings, heavy rust, or creating a deeper profile than other Starblast™ abrasives can obtain. Coarse can also be used for specialty applications such as monument lettering and etching.

Benefits of Using Starblast™ Coarse

Starblast™ Coarse sand offers the same great advantages as Starblast™ and Starblast™ Ultra, including:

  • Less dust generation for greater blasting visibility
  • Faster, more-efficient cleaning for lower labor costs
  • Reusability, translating into lower material costs
  • Guaranteed to contain less than 3% silica (typically less than 2%)
  • Less abrasive embedment
  • Electrical nonconductivity

About Starblast™ Coarse from The Chemours Company

The Chemours Company mines the staurolite sands for Starblast™, Starblast™ XL, and Starblast™ Coarse from mineral deposits in the southeastern United States. These naturally occurring mineral sands are thoroughly washed to deliver a product that is dust, dirt, and free of ultrafines.

Starblast™ Coarse is available in:

  • 22.7-kg (50-lb) multiwall paper bags
  • Semi-bulk 1814.4 kg (2 tons) bulk bags
  • Bulk hopper rail cars
  • Bulk pneumatic trucks