The Chemours Company Leadership

Meet The Team

Welcome to The Chemours Company. Whether you’re a customer, shareholder, stakeholder, or job candidate, we’re glad you’re here.

We are the men and women of Chemours who work together to create a better world through the power of our chemistry. Our approach to everything we do starts with our ambition to responsibly meet the most pressing needs of people and the planet. In a world that changes faster than ever with the need for more sustainable solutions, we combine courage and agility to not only do better but to be better in every aspect of how we operate.

With innovative brands including Teflon™ fluoropolymers, Opteon™ refrigerants, Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide, and Nafion™ ion exchange membranes, we fulfill that ambition by practicing responsible chemistry and partnering with our stakeholders that include our customers, communities, other organizations, and regulators. Together we are seeking solutions to shape a better and brighter future for people and the planet.