Safety Excellence


Pioneering a More Holistic View of Safety


For us, responsible chemistry begins with our focus on the safety and health of our people, along with people throughout our company’s value chain. Achieving consistent, quantifiable, and positive safety outcomes is something we celebrate; we are equally relentless in our prevention of workplace injuries and exposures by nurturing a culture of continuous education and improvement. In this spirit, we align our Safety Obsession value with our holistic safety approach.

Our 2022 Safety Excellence Highlights

  • Continued to promote the health, safety, and well-being of our workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic through community surveillance as well as to provide employees with opportunities to manage pandemic challenges
  • Launched new Procedural Excellence initiative to develop training and advanced error-reduction tools based on industry best practices in human performance
  • Advanced our Brain-Centered Approach to Safety, an initiative that seeks to provide neuroscience-based safety training to engage employees’ cognitive decision-making processes
  • Engaged 5,835 external responders globally for emergency response preparedness, including firefighters, hazardous materials responders, community leaders, emergency management leaders, and law enforcement officers
  • Conducted workplace impairment—fatigue, emotional distress, substance use— training as part of our advancement of holistic safety

75% improvement in employee, contractor, process, and distribution safety performance

Striving for Zero Safety Incidents

Our definition of safety goes beyond physical safety to include the emotional and psychological aspects of employee safety and well-being—an idea we refer to as holistic safety. This approach acknowledges that an environment lacking psychological safety creates distractions that can lead to missteps and inattention to detail, resulting in physical accidents. Additionally, holistic safety aligns with our aim to ensure that all employees can feel safe at work and show up as their authentic selves. We have invested in training, support and development to ensure that our employees understand and can incorporate holistic safety into their work each day.

In 2022, we made progress toward our safety goals with year-over-year improvements in employee-safety performance. Our process-safety performance was equal to 2021, and contractor safety performance and distribution safety performance was up slightly. During the year, Chemours employees worked over 14 million hours with 19 recordable injuries, and our contractors worked almost 8 million hours with 9 recordable injuries.

Our Safety Obsession culture requires and encourages employees to seek out training opportunities to increase safety literacy and capability at our sites. In 2022, our global employees completed approximately 260,000 hours of classroom and computer-based training.