Safety Excellence


Embracing a Holistic View of Safety


Responsible chemistry begins with our focus on the safety and health of our people, along with people throughout our company’s value chain. We live our Safety Obsession value every day by empowering our people to recognize and control risk, by learning from our experiences, and focusing on the excellent execution of our Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) systems to continually improve our performance. We demonstrate our Safety Obsession value through proactive risk management, a culture of learning, execution of our management systems, and industry-leading performance. In doing so, we align our Safety Obsession value with our Holistic Safety approach.

Our 2023 Actions

  • Implemented a new second-party audit process
  • Developed a library of site Highly Toxic Materials (HTMs) treatment protocols and medications for the nursing staff to review and utilize, as necessary. This information will assist new nurses in learning about Chemours HTMs 
  • Developed incident analysis tools and delivered training on the use of them for investigation
  • Expanded our Emergency Response Program by adding forward observers in strategic locations to better support our Emergency Response capabilities in southern U.S. and Latin America
  • Enhanced Emergency Preparedness module in ETQ Reliance, an internal tracking system, for improved site drill tracking capabilities
  • Implemented a new digital solution to manage the contractor EHS prequalification process at U.S. sites for improved visibility and a streamlined process
  • Updated and reissued Contractor Safety Handbook

2030 CRC Goals Snapshot

Striving for Zero Safety Incidents

We celebrate achieving consistent, quantifiable, and positive health and safety outcomes and are equally relentless in our prevention of harm by aligning our Safety Obsession value with holistic safety. We invest in people, facilities, and processes to protect the physical safety of our employees and we are equally committed to holistic safety to ensure that they feel safe in any Chemours setting. We take purposeful, decisive actions to support the total well-being of our workforce to allow every employee to perform their best. In line with our focus on holistic safety, we offer a broad range of benefits and well-being programs that we believe are critical to the health and safety of our employees.

In 2023, Chemours employees worked over 13 million hours with 20 recordable injuries, and our contractors worked almost 7.5 million hours with 14 recordable injuries. Our Safety Obsession culture requires and encourages employees to seek out training opportunities to increase safety literacy and capability at our sites. In 2023, our global employees completed approximately 49,248 hours of classroom and computer-based training.