A Critical Link in the Cold Chain

Opteon™ low GWP refrigerants from Chemours are at work from farm to fork, keeping our food and our world cool in sustainable new ways.

Opteon™ Low GWP Refrigerants

A sustainable and efficient link from connecting the cold chain, from farm to fork

Our low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants are answering the call for solutions that satisfy regulatory needs and exceed customers’ expectations for sustainable and efficient products. A combination of global consumer trends and new applications for low GWP refrigerants is fueling the success of Opteon™. By 2025, Chemours estimates that its low-GWP product line will eliminate an estimated 325 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent on a global basis.

Storage and Consumption Behavior Has Changed

Global demand for fresh produce is on the rise, and with it, the importance of low GWP refrigerants such as Opteon™. Supermarkets now use the promise of fresh produce to drive business and customer loyalty in ways never before possible. Avocados, papaya, and fresh strawberries are expected as year-round offerings. This requires new refrigeration solutions to transport food safely from farm to storage, and eventually to the point of purchase.


More Nontraditional Retail Outlets Offer Fresh Produce and Perishables

Now customers can shop for produce at gas stations, convenience stores, and even pharmacies. As the footprint of purchase points expands, Opteon™ will be ready to meet market demands.

Health and wellness movements are setting new standards that only the best and freshest ingredients satisfy. This will lead to more demand for low GWP refrigerants like Opteon™.

Opteon™ reflects our commitment to Higher Value Chemistry and proactive innovation in the climate of regulatory requirements.

Regulatory bodies of the world are pushing governments to adopt legislation that calls for the implementation of new lower GWP product. The resulting environmental standards being put into place—such as Europe’s F-gas regulations and the EPA’s SNAP delisting program in the U.S.—are stricter than ever. Efforts like these are phasing out older, less sustainable refrigerants in favor of low GWP refrigerant options such as Opteon™. Chemours is the leading supplier of the world’s HFO-1234yf-based refrigerants, and as such, we pioneer advancements for customers ahead of regulatory conversion dates.

Opteon™ at work—a closer look at how the Chemours line of low GWP refrigerants is a critical element of the cold chain journey.