Southern Ionics Minerals is Part of the Chemours Company

Responsibly extracting value from the land, creating community prosperity for generations

Georgia Mining Operations

In southeastern Georgia, just beneath the ground surface lies the world’s most valuable mineral sand deposits: titanium and zirconium. These minerals are essential elements in the manufacture of consumer and industrial products. Southern Ionics Minerals (SIM) began mining there in 2014. Since then, SIM has had the advantage of investing in advanced technologies and methods to extract the minerals with minimal impact to the environment—reusing and recycling water and returning the land to its pre-mine productivity in just a few months.

The company, headquartered in Offerman, Georgia, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Chemours Company. Our growing workforce, as well as our network of local vendors and contractors, are a substantial economic force in the local and regional economy. We are committed to operating responsibly and expanding our operations to be part of the life of southeast Georgia for many years to come.

Other SIM facilities include a mineral sand processing plant adjacent to the Offerman offices in Pierce County, mining offices in Brantley County and the Mission Mine located in both Charlton and Brantley Counties. In late 2020, another mine will become operational in Jesup, Wayne County, Georgia.

About Our Products

Sand extracted at the mine is transported to the plant for separation and processing. The refined titanium and zirconium mineral sands are sold to customers who manufacture:

  • Pigments and paints
  • Aircraft engines
  • Medical devices
  • Welding rods

Due to their hardness, the minerals are also used as abrasives for:

  • Removing weathered coatings
  • Rust and mill scale
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Monument etchings

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