Zircore™ and Kyasill™ Foundry Sand

Uniformity and Versatility Meets the Needs of Challenging Foundry Applications

Foundry environments are harsh. High temperatures and molten metals require materials that are durable, but also enable precision and productivity.

Mineral sands—especially those comprised of zircon and aluminum silicates—are particularly effective for a variety of foundry applications, including:

  • Shell molds and cores
  • Green sand molding
  • No-bake binders

To be most effective in these applications, the mineral sands used must be of consistent quality, clean, strong, and thermally stable.

[H3] Chemours High-Quality Mineral Sands

The Chemours Company offers foundry mineral products Zircore™ and Kyasill™, which are high-quality mineral sands for use in foundry applications like sand casting and molding.

Zircore™ and Kyasill™ are naturally occurring rounded grain minerals that Chemours mines from mineral sands deposits in the southeastern United States. Both Zircore™ and Kyasill™ are chemically scrubbed to remove dirt and ultrafines, and are separated from other minerals to ensure they are clean and consistent.

Zircore™ and Kyasill™ vary primarily in the level of zircon and aluminum silicate present in their respective blends. Zircore™ has higher zircon content and a higher melting point than Kyasill™, whereas Kyasill™ contains higher levels of aluminum silicates.

The two grades of mineral products are available in:

  • 22.7-kg (50-lb) multiwall paper bags (Zircore™ only)
  • Semi-bulk (1 ton or 2 ton) bags
  • Bulk hopper cars or trucks

To learn more about the differences in the chemical and physical properties of Zircore™ and Kyasill™, refer to the Product Information Sheet.