Chemours Commitment to Responsible Chemistry.

Our Commitment to Responsible Chemistry.

Chemours’ corporate responsibility commitments.

At Chemours, our purpose is to create a better world through the power of our chemistry. Through our business segments, we bring science-based solutions that are better, safer, more reliable, and more sustainable. Our products play a critical role in achieving climate and sustainability goals. In fact, by 2030 50% or more of our revenue will be from offerings that make a specific contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Increasingly, our world needs more than just effective and advanced chemistries. It also requires that we contribute to these essential technologies with an unwavering commitment to safety and end-to-end product stewardship, all for the benefit of our shared planet. In 2018, we made a public pledge to bring responsible chemistry to life through our Corporate Responsibility Commitment Goals, which we have been relentlessly executing against ever since.

We take very seriously our obligation to manage the PFAS compounds in our manufacturing processes in a responsible manner and our commitment to eliminate at least 99% of PFAS air and water emissions from our manufacturing processes by 2030. Chemours is leading the industry as the first company in chemical manufacturing to make this public commitment.

Our commitments are backed by action.

Commitments must be met with action and progress. At our Dutch facility in Dordrecht, we’re investing €75 million towards reducing PFAS emissions by more than 99% compared to 2017 baseline levels with significant milestones expected to be achieved in 2021 and 2024. We have successfully deployed technologies at our Fayetteville site in North Carolina to abate 99% of fluorinated emissions, compared to 2017 emissions levels. In Fayetteville we’ve invested over $100 million in emissions control technology and installed a suite of air emissions control equipment. Our state-of-the-art thermal oxidizer will destroy 99.999% of fluorinated organic emissions vented to it.


Fluoropolymers are one specific class of PFAS that are critical to modern life.

Fluoropolymers possess a unique combination of properties that make them critical to modern life and a wide variety of sectors and industries including the Green Economy. Their properties include fire resistance, weather resistance, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, non-wetting and non-sticking properties, and high-performance dielectric properties.

Fluoropolymers enable nearly every major sector of the economy.

Fluoropolymers are critical components in applications that span nearly every major sector of the economy. They are critical to these sectors and industries because for these applications they require products that meet specified performance where failure is not an option.