Biasill™ Staurolite Sand

A Versatile Solution for Waterjet Cutting, Abrasive Blasting, Foundry Applications, and More

Comprised primarily of staurolite, Biasill™ is an effective material for applications ranging from foundry sand casting to abrasive sandblasting.

Abrasive Blasting and Waterjet Cutting

Biasill™ staurolite sands have a slightly finer grade than the coarser blasting abrasives offered, such as Starblast™ Ultra. This finer grit enables Biasill™ staurolite sand to be used on softer substrates, including aluminum, composites, and fiberglass.

Biasill™ blasting abrasive is certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Because of its low dusting properties, Biasill™ blasting abrasive is ideal for low free-silica air abrasive blasting applications, enabling faster and more efficient blasting.

Biasill™ blasting abrasive is extremely effective at removing mill scale and light rust, and in applications that require a shallow profile. Because of its density and uniformity, Biasill™ is an effective waterjet cutting abrasive.

Metal Casting

Foundries use Biasill™ sand in the molding process because of its low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, reducing casting defects and yielding improved metal surfaces. Its grain fineness makes it suitable for most foundry mold applications that involve nonferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, brass, and bronze, and for certain ferrous metals in specialized applications.

Advantages of Using Biasill™ Sands

Although it's a finer grit, the composition of Biasill™ is very similar to standard Starblast™ abrasives.

It offers many of the same product advantages, including:

  • Lower labor costs through faster, more efficient blasting
  • Lower material costs due to recyclability
  • More uniform blasting pattern
  • Biasill™ sands are guaranteed to contain <3% free silica, typically <2%
  • Biasill™ XL is guaranteed to contain <1% free silica
  • Electrically nonconductive
  • Greater blasting visibility due to minimal dust generation

For more information about the physical properties and mineral composition of Biasill™ sands, download the Product Sheet.

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About Biasill™ Blasting Abrasive

The Chemours Company mines Biasill™ sands from mineral deposits in the southeastern United States. These naturally occurring, sub-rounded to sub-angular sands are washed to remove dust, dirt, and ultrafines. The staurolite is screened and magnetically separated from other minerals to produce a highly uniform product. Biasill™ sands are readily available in packages and in bulk.

Biasill™ abrasives are available in:

  • 50-pound multiwall paper bags
  • Semi-bulk (1-ton and 2-ton) bags
  • Bulk hopper rail cars