World-Class Manufacturing

A role model for safety and environmental stewardship

Kuan Yin, Taiwan

Committed to safety and quality.

The Kuan Yin site is one of the newest Chemours titanium dioxide (TiO₂) manufacturing facilities. Located about 30 miles southwest of Taipei, the 28-hectare plant started up in 1994 and has nearly tripled its capacity through continuous improvement to serve customers in Taiwan and throughout Asia.

Products manufactured at Kuan Yin include dry and slurry TiO₂ as well as a co-product, Kuan Yin Crete, which is used in road construction sub-base and for geological improvements.

In addition to being recognized by the Taiwan government as a role model for safety and environmental stewardship, Kuan Yin has actively helped the Taiwan government, industries, and customers to raise safety and environmental protection awareness.

The site has established an excellent relationship with the local community, creating a community advisory panel with leaders from nearby villages and conducting several community activities. These include a coastal clean-up project, an annual talent competition for elementary, junior high, and high schools of the local Guan Yin district, and an annual activity of respect for local senior citizens, among others.

ISO 9001 Certificate