A Growing Market That Demands High-Quality Pigments and Partners

Brighter, Cleaner, and More Durable Surfaces for Modern Buildings

The global market for architectural coatings is growing steadily because of increasing applications, technological advances, and fast-paced global development and urbanization.

But the world also has higher expectations for environmentally friendly, durable, and sustainable materials that global regulations now require. To remain relevant and profitable, coatings manufacturers must source better ingredients.

Supporting Increased Construction of Modern Infrastructure

A need to expand and improve infrastructure has led to more construction, which has increased demand for high-quality architectural coatings. According to a market research report published by MarketsandMarkets™,¹ the architectural coatings market will be worth $82.4 billion by 2023.

This industry growth presents a challenge: balancing quantity with quality. Architectural coatings manufacturers need to find a sustainable way to compete without sacrificing their products' quality. High-performing pigments are a key differentiator that will enable paint producers to maintain consistent quality.

Pigments That Preserve Aesthetics and Enhance Coating Capabilities

Architectural coatings have the power to impact a single room or entire buildings and cities. Manufacturers that use low-quality pigments with poor dispersibility deliver under-performing products. High-quality pigments, such as Ti-Pure™ TiO₂, evenly disperse in coatings to give them superior opacity over their lifetime. These properties help to create beautiful, longer-lasting surfaces.

Tidy Appearances Without Excessive Cleaning

Users expect paints to repel stains, dirt, oils, and fingerprints, and wipe clean easily. Hospitals, schools, building lobbies, and manufacturing facilities require frequent cleaning to maintain a healthy, germ-free environment and professional atmosphere. Surfaces that repel dirt, oil, and stains can shrink labor costs for cleaning significantly.

High-performance fluoropolymers by Chemours—like Teflon™ surface protector technology—enhance the formulation of high-quality interior and exterior paints. Teflon™ surface protector keeps stains from seeping into the coating and discoloring or marring the surface.

Creating an Even Brighter Future

The Chemours Company's coatings solutions, like Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ and Teflon™ surface protector, accommodate the needs of a growing population and rapidly expanding infrastructure. The partnerships between Chemours and coatings manufacturers enable the development of creative, comprehensive solutions tailored to meet product and business performance requirements.

Chemours continues to pursue the research and development that helps paint manufacturers improve paint performance and exceed customer expectations. The company uses all its resources to maintain optimum production capacity to ensure continuous availability of the ingredients upon which customers depend.