Waterjet Cutting

Using Abrasive Minerals to Cut Through Tough Materials

Waterjet technology combines highly pressurized water and the right abrasive to cut through metal, stone, or other durable materials.

It's an effective method for cutting hard materials, like titanium or granite, or materials that are sensitive to the high temperatures and mechanical stress involved in other cutting methods. This technique is often used to machine precision parts and to cut through composites and thick or stacked materials.

Waterjet cutting is used in industries ranging from mining to aerospace to semiconductor manufacture. It is especially useful in applications requiring precision, speed, or the ability to cut different materials without switching cutting methods.

Chemours Mineral Solutions for Waterjet Cutting

Since waterjet cutting is often used for precision, specialty, and challenging applications, the abrasive selection is extremely important.

The Chemours Company produces only the most uniform, highest-quality abrasives for these applications, which include Starblast™, Starblast™ XL, and Biasill™.

To learn more about waterjet cutting and how to select the right abrasive materials for your unique needs and application, contact our team of experts.