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In Belgium, we operate two key sites, Mechelen and Antwerp (Kallo), and have an office in Brussels. The materials we make here are central to the development of innovative and efficient solutions in sectors critical to people’s everyday lives and safety. Lezen in het Nederlands

Chemours in Belgium

Our Mechelen site serves as a production facility for coatings, housing a coatings lab and a Nafion™ lab. We leverage fluoropolymers as essential components in our liquid coatings, formulating them for various applications across industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, food, and electronics. These are critical products in modern industrial and residential coatings that are used to preserve quality and endurance, protect from contamination, and strengthen many solutions we rely on every day.

While our Teflon™ products are critical, we see a significant and growing share of business in the industrial sector, with high-quality applications in the medical sector.

Since 2017, our scientists are also heavily involved in the development of Nafion™ membranes that will be a key component of the future green hydrogen economy.

Our Antwerp (Kallo) site is the Center of Expertise for Customer Excellence and Logistics for Chemours in the EMEA region. These teams manage the supply chain and regional customer services for all our strategic business units in EMEA, providing comprehensive support to our customers worldwide.

At the same time is our Antwerp site also the main EMEA hub for the Titanium Technology business, housing Customer Services, Planning, Operations (Bulk to Pack), technical labs and warehousing on one location.

Our Brussels office, located in the heart of the European district, serves as a hub for government and regulatory affairs.