Abrasive Blasting

A More Effective Abrasive Solution

Abrasive blasting is the most commonly used method for surface preparation and for cleaning surfaces such as bridges, water tanks, or buildings. The process uses compressed air or water to propel abrasive particles against a substrate to clean the surface or cut through coatings and rust.

Staurolite sands are very hard, which makes them ideal for removing coatings, rust, and mill scale. This hardness adds durability and leads to less breakdown or dust and increased recyclability for multiple projects. Staurolite sands come in a variety of particle sizes to meet the needs of diverse applications that require different particle sizes.

Staurolite Abrasive Blasting Products from The Chemours Company

The Chemours Starblast™ line includes premium products that can be used in a broad range of blasting applications:

When finer grains are needed—or for softer substrates—Biasill staurloite™ sand is an excellent option.