AlZiPure™ Foundry Sand

High-Quality Alumina Silicate Sands for High-Heat Environments

Refractories are critical for building kilns, crucibles, and furnace linings for metallurgical, glass-making, and ceramics applications. Alumina silicate sands make extremely effective refractories—owing to their broad range of desirable properties, including their ability to:

  • Withstand high temperatures and sudden temperature shifts without deformation
  • Handle molten and abrasive/corrosive materials
  • Exhibit a low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Conserve heat
  • Avoid contaminating materials (due to their chemical inertness)

About AlZiPure™ Foundry Sand

The Chemours Company produces AlZiPure™ foundry sand to meet the unique needs of foundry applications.

AlZiPure™ foundry sand is a high-quality blend of alumina silicate sands that are well-graded and have clean, sub-rounded to sub-angular surfaces.

AlZiPure™ is a uniform blend, and has been processed and thoroughly washed to remove dirt, dust, and ultrafines that can negatively affect performance. AlZiPure™ sand is composed primarily of the alumina silicate isomorphs kyanite and sillimanite (Al₂SiO₅), but corundum (Al₂O₃) and zircon (ZrSiO₄) are also present in the blend.

The Chemours Company mines AlZiPure™ foundry sand from mineral deposits in the southeastern United States.

Benefits and Features of AlZiPure™ Foundry Sand

AlZiPure™ foundry sand sets itself apart from the competition by providing useful features, including:

  • Less than 1% free silica
  • Resistance to heat
  • High dimensional stability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Bulk density greater than alumina and silica sand
  • Reclaimable by mechanical, thermal, and microwave methods

Specialty Applications for AlZiPure™ Foundry Sand

AlZiPure™ foundry sands can be used in refractory and ceramic applications, along with foundry applications.

The unique physical properties of AlZiPure™ products make them an excellent choice for several specialty refractory segments, including the manufacture of refractory bricks and mortars.

AlZiPure™ foundry sands can be used as:

  • Core and mold sands
  • Facing sands
  • Replacements for specialty sands (e.g., chromite, olivine, or zircon in many applications)

When used as a core and mold or facing sand, AlZiPure™ foundry sands provide improved surface finish compared with silica sand molds with less burn- in, erosion, and penetration on the surface of the casting.

AlZiPure™ has proven results with carbon steel, low-alloy steel, cast iron, and other common casting metals in greensand, no-bake, and resin-coated applications.

AlZiPure™ is available in:

  • Semi-bulk (2-ton) bags
  • Bulk hopper rail cars
  • Bulk pneumatic trucks

View the AlZiPure™ Product Information Sheet to learn more.