Partnering for Progress

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In a year shaped by external and internal challenges and change, Chemours’ commitment to sustainability and our values remained unwavering.  This is reflected in the significant progress we made against our Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals, which prioritize actions that improve lives, power modern progress, and protect our planet for future generations. We are focused on priorities that matter to our company and our stakeholders, and we fully integrate sustainability into our business decisions and actions across our organization.  We are firm in our belief that what is good for the world, is also good for business.

This past year, we've seen our values in action as we confronted challenges head-on, turning hurdles into opportunities. We've taken decisive action in advancing sustainable innovations, strengthening our environmental leadership, and reducing our operational impact while delivering important products that our customers and the world need for a more sustainable future.

Partnering for Progress

The growing need to address climate change, preserve biodiversity, and ensure that prosperity and progress are inclusive are not only essential for our society, they are also essential to our business. The products we make enable sustainable technologies and applications that intersect with these global priorities and our chemistry is inseparable from meeting the world’s demand for clean energy, next generation semiconductor chips, and data centers that consume less energy and water.  The scale and complexity of these global challenges can make them appear insurmountable; no single organization can solve these problems alone.  The need for partnerships with stakeholders across the public and private sectors is more vital than ever as the shared pursuit of solutions, diverse perspectives and expertise are the cornerstones of transformative progress.

Responsible Manufacturing

We can each do our part to create a better world. In our daily operations, sustainability begins with our employees and the Responsible Manufacturing of our products.  Across our manufacturing network, we have invested in ground-breaking emissions control technologies to reduce our environmental impact, worked to reduce our energy and water consumption, and continue to partner across industry and academia on pathways to promote greater circularity. While the products we produce are critical, how we produce them is equally important.  That is why we set ambitious environmental goals and every day we are applying the investments, creativity and energy needed to achieve them.  We have been, and continue to be, an environmental leader in our industry and recognize that our most important responsibility is to protect the wellbeing of our people and the communities surrounding our plants.

Moving Forward

As we lean into the year ahead, our belief in what we can achieve together is stronger than ever.  I am excited to renew our commitment to our goals and pledge our ongoing support to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.  I invite you to explore  this report, to see the milestones we've proudly reached with full acknowledgement that there remains more work to be done on our sustainability journey.  We hope you’ll find that this report, a collection of data and narratives, is a plain-spoken chronicle of our shared commitment and a roadmap for the future we are striving to create. I invite you to join us in celebrating our achievements and to partner with us to forge a more sustainable path forward for us all.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Denise Dignam
President and CEO