Titanium Technologies in Northeast Florida

Contributing over $50 million to the economy each year.

Florida Mine

Giving Back to the Community and the Environment

For more than 70 years, the Florida Mine has made life brighter by strengthening the community, producing high-quality mineral products, and protecting and enhancing the environment.

The Chemours mine, located across several Florida counties, operates a surface mine of an average depth of approximately 30 feet. Our mine is an integral part of the success of the Titanium Technologies business.

Chemours extracts concentrated deposits of minerals including zircon, staurolite, and ilmenite through surface mining. These raw materials are used to produce titanium dioxide (TiO₂) and other materials for different types of manufacturing.

  • Ilmenite, a titanium bearing mineral, is used to produce TiO₂. It is estimated that every person in North America uses 10 pounds of TiO₂ each year for clothing, paper, paint, sun block, and other products.
  • Staurolite, a very hard mineral, is an excellent blasting abrasive for surface preparation. This product is critical to construction and infrastructure improvement projects. As a low‐dusting and recyclable abrasive, staurolite is a preferred choice for environmental or occupational health concerns.
  • Zircon, a zirconium bearing mineral, is used in the production of porcelain tile and china. When ground to a flour, zircon is used in the casting of high-performance parts for military and aerospace applications.

Chemours restores any lands it mines to ensure that its environmental beauty and ecological integrity is preserved and advanced for the benefit of the broader community.

The Florida mine contributes over $50 million of economic impact annually to the state of Florida. Our business has continued to invest millions of dollars each year in infrastructure, reliability, and capital improvement projects to ensure we are able to meet our growing customer needs. Our current business projections include producing these mineral products and mining in Florida for at least the next decade and beyond.