The Employee Journey

Companies are more than organizational charts, business processes, profits, and rules of engagement. A workforce of diverse, dedicated, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable people is what makes Chemours great.

At Chemours we have  some of the world’s best assets and technologies. But our greatest asset is our exceptional people. Each individual on our team has a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the company and we do our best to take care of our employees by

  • Providing a holistically safe workplace
  • Investing in numerous opportunities to grow professionally and personally
  • Creating an inclusive culture that celebrates a vision that revolves around serving people and improving communities worldwide

Chemours’ Positive Growth Initiative

Chemours’ commitment to positive growth begins at the individual level. We’re a different kind of chemistry company that believes our people are our greatest assets. We don’t just focus on what our employees do every day but how they do it. We want to empower employees to achieve their best selves—at Chemours and in their lives.

  • Work-Life Flexibility

    It’s a fact: Employees accomplish more through work-life flexibility. That’s why Chemours offers professional development training that empowers employees to balance home, work, and personal priorities to create a workforce that’s invested, engaged, and happy.

    We don’t believe in coincidence. We believe in our employees, and we invest in them. Since we initiated over 100 unique programs from yoga and mindfulness to emotional intelligence training, employee productivity has grown 56%.

  • Our Development Framework

    Chemours success relies heavily on knowledgeable, visionary, and creative people. Our development philosophy and framework reflect our strong commitment to providing meaningful opportunities for talented people to grow professionally and personally.

    Three numbers drive our framework: 70, 20, and 10. Research clearly shows that 70% of what we learn, we learn from experience; 20% comes from exposure to other people; and 10% comes through education.

    In addition to the traditional role of education, mentoring, coaching, and networking, we also emphasize growth through experience, which includes:

    • Stretch assignments
    • Expanded roles and responsibilities
    • Opportunities to undertake special projects or address challenging situations
    • Cross-functional teamwork