Inclusion and Diversity at Chemours

A Team Full of Diverse Thinkers and Doers is What Makes Us Great

We’re committed to bringing responsible chemistry to a world demanding progress and innovation—and we’re depending on our employees to help us deliver that promise. We’re creating an inclusive, balanced, diverse workforce whose ideas will:

  • Catalyze future innovation
  • Drive our obsession for safer operations and transportation
  • Protect our neighbors and residents from harm
  • Continue the investment in our collective well-being

We’re devoted to inclusion and gender parity and building a diverse global workforce of 35% women and working toward our goal of a 30% ethnically diverse U.S. employee base.

Employee Resource Groups

Chemours wants our workforce to reflect the markets and the world that we serve. And to achieve better performance and better solutions, we need the different perspectives that only a diverse and inclusive, gender and ethnically representative workforce can generate. Inclusivity doesn’t mean homogenized. We want our people to bring their best selves and whole identities to work with them; we believe employee resource groups (ERGs)—which we introduced in 2016—foster employee connectivity, professional development, and continuous business improvement. Our seven ERGs set annual goals to improve the diversity of our talent acquisition, develop our talent, and enhance our local communities. These seven groups include:

  • Chemours Asian Group (CAG)
  • Chemours Black Employee Network (CBEN)
  • Chemours Women’s Network (CWN)
  • PRIDE LGBTQA+ Network
  • Early Career Network (ECN)
  • Chemours Latin American Resource Organization (CLARO)
  • Veteran’s Network (VetNet)

Learn more about Chemours’ commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Improving Communities and Ourselves

We’re always striving to better ourselves, protect the environment, and make a positive contribution in partnership with our neighbors.

  • We offer scholarships for high school students pursuing STEM careers.
  • We’ve created work-based learning programs to prepare students for technical careers.
  • We’ve established nature preserves around our sites.
  • We lead safety workshops for safety educators and first responders.
  • We sponsor a company-wide day of service.

Learn more about Chemours’ investment in vibrant communities.