Vertrel™ X-DF Drying Agent

Spot-Free Drying for Electrically Non-Conductive Parts

The Vertrel™ X-DF displacement drying system offers one-step, low-energy, spot-free drying that is efficient and safe. Vertrel™ X-DF consists of Vertrel™ MCA (an azeotrope of HFC 43-10 and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene) and a surfactant. It is nonflammable and has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Vertrel™ X-DF operates on the displacement principle to remove water from hard to reach places. The process uses the high density and low surface tension (wetting ability) of Vertrel™ MCA fluid and a hydrophobic surfactant additive that promotes water separation. This process ensures the spot-free drying of electrically non-conductive parts, like glass lenses and mirrors where refractive and reflective properties must remain intact.

Features and Benefits

This system offers clean drying, leaves no residue behind, and consumes less energy than other drying methods. Additional benefits of the Vertrel™ X-DF displacement drying system include:

  • Removing water in pH ranges between 5 and 9
  • Removing hard water
  • Rinsing easily because of lower drying agent concentrations
  • Offering limited water solubility and no vapor pressure, so it will remain in the boil sump
  • Reducing cycle time by elimination of air drying step
  • Consuming low amounts of energy