Vertrel™ SFR

A Fluid Designed for Electronic Cleaning

Vertrel™ SFR specialty fluid meets the most difficult cleaning needs in a variety of industries, including aerospace and electronics. Vertrel™ SFR is most often used in:

  • Defluxing
  • Light to heavy soil removal
  • Precision cleaning

Features and Benefits

Vertrel™ specialty fluids have a broad range of cleaning power, outperforming the competition and matching nPB cleaning power in most cleaning situations, including vapor degreasing. Vertrel™ SFR specialty fluid offers the following benefits:

  • Effectiveness at removing tough, high-temperature, lead-free, and no-clean fluxes
  • Fast drying for increased productivity
  • Non-flammability and safe to use
  • A safer choice vs. trichloroethylene (TCE), n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)
  • Low surface tension and low viscosity to penetrate and clean tight areas
  • Ability to clean polar soils
  • High solvency (KB value = >100)