Carrier Fluid and Lubricant Deposition

Precise Fluid Deposition for A Wide Range of Industries

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used extensively to precisely deposit adhesives, coatings and lubricants. Applications include:

  • Fluorolubricant deposition
  • Silicone-/PTFE-based lubricant deposition
  • Carrier solvents for spray adhesives
  • Coating lenses to reduce reflection by increasing light penetration and lowering glare
  • Coating substrates with corrosion inhibitors and other thin films

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are designed to carry and deposit coatings, lubricants, and adhesives during a dipping process, which allows for a quick and accurate transfer. These specialty fluids are particularly useful as carrier fluids in medical applications, silicone deposition, other thin films, and silicone tube swelling. They also carry lubricants in the electronics and automotive industries and are effective for industrial spray adhesives.

Vertrel™ specialty fluids offer:

  • High solubility with various types of lubricants and adhesives
  • Fast drying properties
  • Low surface tension for coating of tight spaces
  • The ability to deposit a uniform coating on a substrate
  • The ability to easily dissolve silicone lubricants and residues
  • The ability to carry up to 8% silicone by weight
  • Use with PTFE dry lubricants
  • Exceptional smoothness—free of runs and drips
  • A simplified dipping process because the material stays in suspension better than with lighter carrying agents
  • Superior quality and reduced rework
  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)