Vertrel™ SDG Specialty Fluid

Superior Cleaning Power for Removing Light, Medium and Heavy Soils

Vertrel™ specialty fluids have the broadest range of cleaning power of any solvent family. Vertrel™ SDG is used as a replacement for nPB and can match its cleaning power in most cleaning situations. It is formulated to handle some of the toughest cleaning scenarios, cutting through heavy soils and oils with ease.

Vertrel™ SDG specialty fluid is ideally suited for use in vapor degreasers and excels at:

  • Oil, grease, and wax removal
  • Medium/heavy duty soil removal
  • Silicone grease removal
  • Precision cleaning

Features and Benefits

Vertrel™ SDG specialty fluid performs where maximum cleaning power is needed. Vertrel™ SDG delivers the highest value, offering:

  • Excellent solvency power for a wide range of soils (KB value = 95)
  • Fast drying for increased productivity
  • Low surface tension with capability to clean complex geometries
  • Nonflammable properties for safe use
  • Safer choice vs. trichloroethylene (TCE), n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)