Vertrel™ Specialty Fluids

Meeting the Diverse Needs for Specialty Fluids


Many industries require the use of specialty fluids to create or maintain their products, and the Vertrel™ specialty fluid portfolio contains solutions to service a broad range of customer needs.

The Chemours Company created Vertrel Specialty fluids as a family of nonflammable versatile fluids usable across many applications, including:

  • Electronics defluxing
  • Precision cleaning
  • Oxygen service cleaning
  • Carrier fluid for fluorinated lubricants and silicones
  • Aerosol formulations

Features and Benefits

High-performing and effective, Vertrel™ specialty fluids keep businesses ahead in an ever-changing industry. Vertrel™ specialty fluids are:

  • Safe to use
  • Nonflammable
  • Designed to clean a wide range of soils
  • Fast, low-residue drying
  • Compatible with a broad range of metals, plastics, and elastomers
  • Chemically and thermally stable
  • Ideal for replacement of nPB and TCE 

Versatility for Vapor Degreasing, Aerosol Formulations, and Carrier Fluid Applications

Vertrel™ specialty fluids feature unique properties that enable their use across a wide range of applications. Vertrel™ products are compatible with plastics, elastomers, and metals, making them suitable for use across industries, including medical, electronics, optics, aerospace, and industrial machining.

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