Welcome to U.S. Chemours Benefits!

At Chemours, we remain committed to supporting employees in their wellness journey by providing tools and resources that allow each individual to prioritize their overall wellbeing. We know that offering robust benefit programs that support the physical, financial and emotional needs of our employees is a critical component to creating the greatest place to work.

As we prepare for Open Enrollment, we recognize that the historic inflation we’re experiencing in the US is significantly impacting families across the country. Chemours is not immune to inflation. In fact, we have experienced the highest medical inflation in our history (17%) amounting to a $10 million increase in our total healthcare cost.

With that being said, we will continue to invest in your wellbeing by enhancing our benefits and will not ask you to pay more for your healthcare coverage in 2023! Holistic safety and your wellbeing are bedrocks of who we are as an organization, and it is imperative that we provide you with high quality and affordable healthcare that has the flexibility to meet your needs.

2023 Benefit Highlights

Quest - Biometric Screenings are available once again in 2023 for you to create an opportunity to reduce your per pay medical premium deduction.  For more information, please access MyQuestForHealth.com.

Hinge Health – We are pleased to announce the Hinge Health Back and Joint Care Program.  Aetna will work closely with Hinge Health to identify members at highest risk for surgery or other musculoskeletal-related services and provide prevention, acute and chronic program digital therapy and injury prevention solutions. This program is offered at no cost to active employees and eligible dependents who are covered through the Chemours medical plan.

Medical Care Travel Benefit – Through our partnership with Aetna, we will introduce a travel benefit for employees and their eligible dependents who need to travel more than 100 miles from their home to secure in-network medical care that is not available to them in their location.

UPDATE – Purchased Vacation

Beginning January 1, 2023, in order for Chemours to remain IRS compliant and continue to provide employees with the flexibility of purchasing vacation up to a maximum of 40 hours, the sequence to use purchased vacation will be changing per IRS US vacation rules:

  • Standard Accrued Vacation (includes carryover vacation)
  • Grandfathered Vacation (if applicable)
  • Purchased Vacation

Purchased vacation is a “use it or lose it” offering so all hours must be used by year-end or it will be forfeited.  It cannot be cashed in or carried over into next year.

Dental – The current dental plan which includes orthodontia, will continue to be offered at an additional cost while an alternative option will now be offered where orthodontia is not included.

TransAmerica Long Term Care Insurance – Universal Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Universal Life Insurance with Living Benefits offered by Transamerica Life Insurance Company is available for enrollment in 2023. Chemours has partnered with ACSIA Partners to help inform you and your family about this coverage and its value in preparing for the future. The benefits available through these policies help provide financial protection for you and your family in the event of death as well as expenses associated with needing care – either at home or in a facility. This valuable benefit bridges the gap in coverage left by medical insurance, disability insurance, and Medicare, providing you and your family with much needed financial security. For more information, call Transamerica at (888) 763-7474 or visit transamerica.com

We hope that you will find our benefit programs and resources useful.  Our commitment to the wellbeing of you and your family is unwavering and we encourage you to make that same unshakeable commitment to yourself by taking advantage of the resources and programs that best support you.

To your good health,
Chemours U.S. Benefits Team