Glycolic Acid

Benefits of Glycolic Acid

Committed to the highest standards in safety, health, quality, and environmental stewardship, glycolic acid from The Chemours Company offers consistency, global availability and secure supply.

Produced in the United States, Chemours offers technical and cosmetic grades of glycolic acid for use in diverse applications. Glycolic acid is a versatile compound that can be used in formulations for many end-use products, including those in the household, industrial, and personal care sectors.


A Portfolio of Glycolic Acid Products That Meets Diverse End-User Needs

Glycolic acid is a versatile, effective solution for many household, industrial, and personal care applications. Its attributes include:

  • Low volatility
  • Biodegradability
  • High affinity for calcium- and magnesium-based salts
  • Bioabsorbability and biocompatibility


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