Chemours Dimethyl Sulfate

About Dimethyl Sulfate

Dimethyl sulfate (DMS) is a strong methylating agent with superior reaction rates and higher yields than competitive products. It is a versatile chemical used to produce household and commercial chemicals in a variety of processes.

DMS is a strong methylating agent that reacts with active hydrogen and alkali metal salts to form substituted oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur compounds.

Applications for Dimethyl Sulfate

DMS is used to create surfactants, fabric softeners, water treatment chemicals, agricultural chemicals, drugs, and dyes. As a methylating agent, DMS can introduce a methyl group to oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, phosphorous, and some metals.

While DMS is most often used as a methylating agent, it can sometimes be utilized in other contexts including in sulfonation, as a catalyst, as a solvent, and as a stabilizer.