Propellants for Consumer and Industrial Use

Safer, Environmentally Sustainable Propellants

The Chemours Company employs the best practices of safety, science, and technology to create its propellants. Chemours designs products that help customers meet regulatory requirements, achieve unique product performance goals, and grow their businesses.

These propellants are safe alternatives to smog-forming and volatile organic compound (VOC) propellants. With their zero- and low-VOC formulation potential, propellants from Chemours facilitate customers' compliance with local, state, and federal air quality standards for consumer, household, and industrial applications.

Propellant Products

The Chemours Company’s propellant products are fully miscible, both with each other and with other hydrocarbon propellants. They can be blended to provide effective delivery of water- or solvent-based products. These products offer flexibility, enhanced product performance, versatility, safety, and value for aerosol formulators.

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