Glycolic Acid for Skin Care

Cosmetic-Grade Glycolic Acid for Skin Care

Glypure™ cosmetic-grade glycolic acid effectively penetrates skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and cellular activity. Because of this powerful ability to penetrate skin's layers, glycolic acid enhances the efficacy of other skin care ingredients. Clinical data supports glycolic acid’s effectiveness in skin care applications that include:

  • Exfoliation products
  • Skin-peeling products
  • Creams, serums, lotions, cleansers, and toners designed to reduce signs of aging
  • Moisturizing skin creams and lotions
  • Skin lightening combinations
  • Men’s care products
  • Synergistic component to make other active ingredients perform better

Glycolic Acid Promotes Youthful-Looking Skin

Four layers comprise the skin: stratum corneum, epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat. While the outer layer—stratum corneum—shows the most visible issues, like flaking and dry skin, problems can begin in the dermis layer.

Glycolic acid can penetrate to the cell-producing dermis and facilitate the regeneration and production of those elastic and moisturizing compounds to produce a more youthful-looking complexion. It also supports the epidermis, which renews itself every 28 days through continuous cell and lipid reproduction.

Our skin sheds tens of thousands of cells every hour to naturally protect against impurities such as pollution, chemicals, bacteria, and UV rays. Because glycolic acid promotes this shedding, it helps skin remove impurities that can damage the body, making glycolic acid one of the most potent anti-pollution products available today.

Products that feature Glypure™ as a skin care ingredient offer consumers a solution for improving sun-damaged skin or reducing the effects of aging.

This superior quality glycolic acid:

  • Improves elasticity, firmness, and skin texture
  • Increases the production of dermal matrix compounds and collagen synthesis
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes the cycle of skin shedding (cell turnover) and regrowth

Select Products That Benefit from Glypure™ Cosmetic-Grade Glycolic Acid

Wrinkle Cream
When added to wrinkle cream products, Glypure™ ingredients minimize fine lines by gently sloughing off dead skin cells, stimulating new sell production and improving elasticity and firmness.

Acne Treatments
Adding Glypure™ products to acne treatments enhances the performance of other active ingredients. The penetrating action of Glypure™ cosmetic-grade glycolic acid readjusts water percentages and promotes cell turnover. This action reduces the amount of dirt and dry skin particles clogging pores and trapping impurities beneath the skin’s surface.

Men’s Skincare Products
Glypure™ glycolic acid penetrates skin effectively to readjust water percentage in the epidermis, leading to smoother, softer, and more radiant skin. Cosmetic-grade glycolic acid also enhances men’s care products for razor bump treatment, daily moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Skin Lightening
When added to skin lightening products, Glypure™ ingredients evens out skin discolorations such as age spots, natural blotchiness, and topical damage resulting from over-tanning.