Glycolic Acid for Nail Care

Cosmetic-Grade Glycolic Acid for Nail Care

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) like glycolic acid are often used to gently exfoliate skin around cuticle beds. Exfoliation removes dry skin and hangnails from the nail plate, rejuvenates living skin, and conditions and moisturizes skin in the nail area.

Clinical data supports glycolic acid’s effectiveness in nail care applications such as cuticle oils, creams, lotions, exfoliators, and peels for nail rejuvenation.

How Glycolic Acid Enhances Nail Care

Although cutting and trimming ragged cuticles may seem to be an easy fix, cutting actually hardens the skin, causing it to peel and split even more.

Glycolic acid restores cuticle health and appearance. As the smallest molecule in the AHA family, it easily and quickly penetrates the cuticle and dissolves the “glue” binding skin cells together. Products that use Glypure™ as a nail care ingredient offer consumers a solution to achieve softer and healthier cuticles and nails. Glycolic acid provides more gentle exfoliation for the thin-skinned cuticle area and stimulates healthy cuticle structure.

Products That Benefit from Glypure™ Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid Peels
When used for controlled nail plate keratolysis, Glypure™ products used in glycolic nail peels undo damage to the nail plate caused by nail polish, acetone, repeated manicures, cosmetic nail procedures, and detergents.

Thicker creams, oils, and ointments featuring Glypure™ glycolic acid help hold water in the nails and surrounding skin. Glycolic acid is the best AHA for exfoliating skin because it removes rough dry scale, compacts outer dead cells, and binds water to hydrate and moisturize.

Exfoliating Scrubs
Gently using an exfoliating scrub with Glypure™ ingredients on cuticles and around the fingertips removes dead skin and impurities to build healthy nails.