Fire Suppressants for Transportation Applications

Fire Suppressants for Transportation

Regardless of the vehicle, transportation fires can quickly become a danger to people. They require fast-acting, efficient solutions that quickly neutralize a fire without causing further damage while also keeping trains and airplanes moving on time.

Trains and metros used for public transport need to be kept on schedule to avoid far-reaching consequences that can affect thousands of people. Boats pose a unique challenge because they are often isolated on open waters, requiring onboard solutions that can be used by the crew. Airports and airplanes need fire suppressants at the ready to ensure passenger and crew safety.

The right suppressant is critical for saving lives, keeping operations running, and maintaining reliable schedules when dealing with transportation fire.

FM-200™ suppressant is a waterless fire suppressant that is ideal for situations where a fire needs to be extinguished quickly and safely without causing even more damage. It is electronically nonconductive, noncorrosive, free of residue, and safe for people.