Fire Suppressants for Commercial and Cultural Property

Protecting Priceless Valuables

Fires always have the potential to be devastating, but what happens when that devastation leads to irreplaceable losses? This is the reality of protecting commercial and cultural properties like museums and archives, which house unique artifacts that are not only priceless, but also fragile.

Between the damage caused by the fire and harsh water- or chemical-based fire suppressants used to put out the flames, millions of dollars’ worth of artifacts could be lost.

Chemours’ fire suppressants are designed for high-risk, specialized situations like these. FM-200™ fire suppressant is a non-corrosive, waterless, clean agent suppressant with an established record of protecting the world’s irreplaceable assets. Not only does it put out fires by reaching extinguishing levels in less than ten seconds, it also doesn’t leave damaging residue behind, making it perfect for electronic systems and fine art. Most importantly, it is safe for use around people.