Fire Suppressants for IT, Data Centers, and Telecommunications

Maintaining Business Continuity By Mitigating Fire Damage

When fire shuts down a telecommunications system, businesses are interrupted, financial transactions are halted, and emergency response units can be compromised, putting lives at risk. The Chemours Company protects critical IT equipment from extensive damage that could have serious, far-reaching consequences.

Fires can halt business operations and potentially impact access to network nodes, knocking financial institutions and medical hospitals offline. With so much now relying on internet connections, entire business sectors could be shut down. Vulnerable areas include facilities that house sensitive equipment and potentially combustible materials, such as data storage facilities, control rooms, substations, transfer stations, and towers. Because they're occupied around the clock, human lives are always at risk.

Water can cause more damage to high-value equipment than an actual fire, adding cost and extensive cleanup time. The family of fire supressants from Chemours provides a range of important benefits. They are:

  • Safe for people
  • Electronically nonconductive
  • Noncorrosive
  • Residue free

FM-200™ is the optimal choice for protecting data centers and other facilities because it is a waterless and cost-effective clean agent fire suppressant. This product is typically used for total flooding applications, protecting valuable assets that could be damaged by other fire suppressants.