Fire Suppressants for Power and Utilities

Protecting Critical Equipment

When fires affect electricity and other public utilities, working quickly means the difference between salvaging equipment and affecting entire sections of a metropolitan area. Putting out electrical fires is a challenging task; having the right equipment makes all the difference.

Damage to power grids can impact businesses, hospitals, and homes. A fire can create a hole in the power supply affects the entire grid. This ripple effect can stress the system and cause secondary damage beyond the fire.

Fire suppressants from The Chemours Company are formulated for use in high-risk situations like utility fires to quickly stop fires and protect people and valuable equipment. They offer the key benefits of speed and efficacy, maintaining uptime to protect the grid. Chemours fire suppressants are safe for people, electrically nonconductive, noncorrosive, and don’t leave damaging residue, helping get businesses back on track faster.

FM-200™ fire suppressant is the choice for applications needing a waterless fire suppressant to ensure secondary damage doesn't occur when fighting fires. FM-200™ fire suppressant acts quickly, maintaining business continuity with minimal to no disruption.