Mining Value and Innovation

Chemours Mining Solutions is the world leader in solid sodium cyanide (NaCN) production, offering reliable supply, innovative packaging solutions, and proven safety practices that continually drive value.

Mining Solutions

Innovative Solutions and Services for Mining Industry Partners

The Chemours Company partners with businesses in the mining industry that need a safe and reliable supplier of sodium cyanide in order to maintain business continuity and operational success.

Chemours is the world leader in sodium cyanide production, leading the field in capacity, expertise, and dedication to stewardship. Having a reliable supplier is important for any business, but the team at Chemours strives to go above and beyond simply being a sodium cyanide supplier. Dedication to customer support and making sure customers have expert assistance every step of the way is what makes Chemours more of a partner than a traditional supplier.

A Commitment to Operational Success

Businesses operating in the mining industry are facing the challenge of processing increasingly lower grade ore. This lower metal to ore ratio is increasing cost pressure and operational challenges as the average ton of ore becomes more difficult to process. Meeting this this challenge requires end-to-end operational excellence, a seamless supply of sodium cyanide and a steadfast commitment to safety practices.

Chemours Mining Solutions leverages 60 years of innovative science to make that possible. From manufacture through on-site management, Chemours’ systems and experts focus on one thing: customer success.

The Rewards of Managing Risk

Safe, efficient gold cyanidation is essential to separating ounces of precious metal from tons of ore. Finding a reliable, end-to-end sodium cyanide supply partner is an important part of the process.

Advanced manufacturing, secure delivery systems, on-site support, and 360° world-class product stewardship are all essential to Chemours’ offering and to the success of its customers.

Proven Knowledge

Chemours’ commitment to efficiency, safety, and stewardship is nothing new. The company created an improved manufacturing process in 1962 and has been dedicated to innovation ever since.

Chemours also understands the business risks its customers in the mining industry face. It takes significant up-front investment to develop a mine, and production can stop without a reliable supply of sodium cyanide. Chemours Mining Solutions is committed to growing capacity, providing ironclad delivery dependability, and continuing to drive packaging innovation and efficiency. It's a key reason why many of the world's top mining companies have been long-term customers.

Meeting Growing Demand

Chemours’ plant in Memphis, Tennessee, which was started in 1952, is the largest solid sodium cyanide plant in the world. A new plant located in Durango, Mexico is scheduled to open soon to help meet growing demand.

How Chemours Partners with Customers

Chemours Mining Solutions operates under these core principles:

Seamless Supply

Consistent, on-time sodium cyanide supply is a critical part of many mining operations. Chemours's high volume production of sodium cyanide and distribution facilities located throughout North America and Mexico allow for consistent supply, no matter the scale of the demand.

Along with conveniently located distribution facilities, Chemours also has global transportation capabilities. Certified drivers transport product on pre-assessed and hazard mitigated routes in order to quickly and safely reach customers no matter where they are.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is a major concern for all businesses. In mining, handling of materials like sodium cyanide through every step of the process requires a partner up to the task. Chemours was a founding member of the ICMI Cyanide Code and remains committed to continuous improvement in industry safety practices.

Chemours Mining Solutions offers safer ways to package and transport sodium cyanide, including on-site unloading services and improved packaging options that allow customers to spend less time handling materials. Chemours works hand in hand with customers, providing comprehensive training and safety-focused jobsite events. Training also includes extensive online resources to help deliver best practices to customers’ entire teams.

Dedicated Support

The Chemours team of full-time experts is ready to help customers excel. The team has decades of knowledge and experience which they make available to all customers in order to ensure safety and success. Chemours’ specialists can assist with materials handling, storage practices, and regulatory needs, including licensing, permitting, and compliance monitoring.

Customers can benefit from a variety of in-person, in-class, and online education opportunities offered by experts, including emergency response training. Chemours has a firm and enduring commitment to the communities it serves, helping customers engage and build relationships in the regions where they operate.

Continuous Innovation

Chemours has been a leader in the sodium cyanide for decades, innovating in product science, industry safety practices, and engaging communities. Chemours’ advanced manufacturing operations, secure delivery systems, and expert support all come together to accomplish one thing: improving the safety and efficiency of customers' cyanide operations.