Worth Its Weight

Chemours is the world's largest producer of solid sodium cyanide (NaCN). We focus on supplying our customers with safety and reliability, from manufacture through on-site management.

A total supply chain approach to sodium cyanide.

As the global middle class grows, so does demand for gold and silver. While sodium cyanide comprises only an estimated 2%–3% of cash cost to mining firms, managing the process well is closely tied to long-term success.

The Rewards of Managing Risk.

Safe, efficient gold cyanidation is essential to separating ounces of precious metal from tons of ore. A reliable, end-to-end sodium cyanide supply partner is a small – but precious – part of the process.

Advanced plants, secure delivery systems, on-site support, and 360° world-class product stewardship are all essential to our offering and to the success of our customers.

Proven Knowledge

Our commitment to efficiency, safety, and stewardship is nothing new. We have been focused on safe and responsible production for over 60 years. In fact, we created an improved manufacturing process as long ago as 1962.

We also understand the business risks our precious-metals customers face. It takes significant up-front investment to develop a mine, and production can stop without a reliable supply of sodium cyanide. Chemours is committed to growing capacity and ironclad delivery dependability. It's a key reason why many of the world's top mining companies have long-term contracts with us.

Meeting Growing Demand for Solid Sodium Cyanide

At our plant in Memphis, Tennessee, which was started in 1952, we produce almost a quarter of the world's supply of solid NaCN, and almost 45% of the supply for the Americas. We are expanding capacity to meet the converging trends of strong demand for gold and lower content ores.

Evolving the Chemistry of Sodium Cyanide Production.

Chemours is adding capacity and improving chemistry at our main production facility, in Memphis, Tennessee.

As part of increasing production, we are developing and deploying next-generation technology that includes:

  1. A safer process that eliminates storage and purification of hazardous hydrogen cyanide (HCN)

  2. A safer way to handle product, solid bulk sodium cyanide that is also easier to dissolve at the mine site

  3. A lower capital-cost process, because less hazardous chemical handling reduces equipment and procedure expense


Chris Siemer, President, Chemours Chemical Solutions.

Chris Siemer

President, Chemours Chemical Solutions

Mining companies have a lot invested. They count on us for consistent, reliable supply, and to help keep their operations online and running safely at every step.

Polishing the Supply Chain

Solid sodium cyanide starts with an inherent safety advantage – it's lighter and easier to transport compared to liquid form. Chemours builds on that by meeting all regulatory requirements as well as voluntary requirements, such as the ICMI Cyanide Code.

We have unique business capabilities and standards that include:

  1. Unloading, mixing, and storage facility design assistance and start-up

  2. Water testing, first-load analysis, regular follow-ups and facility inspections, to assure safe operations and maintenance

  3. Multilingual, customized training, online and in-classroom with our cyanide experts

  4. Transport by certified drivers, on pre-assessed and hazard-mitigated routes

  5. Community support via cyanide antidote training at local hospitals and clinics

  6. Packaging technology that includes a range of tested disposable and returnable container choices, designed to minimize handling and waste

  7. Emergency response by trained Chemours teams with dedicated equipment, across all regions

  8. Emergency training for customer and community teams, including assistance in planning and conducting regular safety drills

  9. Regulatory support in obtaining and monitoring licensing, new regulations, and ongoing compliance

Stronger at Every Link

Safety connects every phase of the sodium cyanide life cycle. Our production site in Memphis, Tennessee is ICMI Cyanide Code, ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified.

The Memphis Plant, a Chemical Solutions production site in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Our carrier network and global routes are carefully chosen, stress tested and monitored. Our packaging and warehousing facilities are built and managed to safety standards developed based on more than 50 years of experience. ​

Delivery isn't the end of our involvement. Chemours offers extensive on-site training and management, from ore processing to wastewater disposal to training emergency responders.

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