Supplier Center Processes

How we buy at Chemours

The Chemours procurement organization in Chemours is organized to leverage the buying power of Chemours while providing differentiation for our businesses. The simplified structure uses common methodologies and tools and globally-focused supplier management and logistics.

Core Strategy teams develop comprehensive strategies for 14 categories of buy. Strategies are implemented around the world taking into account business needs and supply market dynamics. Each spend category (or category of buy) is led by a sourcing manager accountable for the global strategies in that area:

  • Direct Spend (including Energy, Gases and Packaging) for Chemical Solutions
  • Direct Spend (including Energy, Gases and Packaging) for Thermal & Specialized Solutions
  • Direct Spend (including Energy, Gases and Packaging) for Advanced Performance Materials
  • Direct Spend (including Energy, Gases and Packaging) for Titanium Technologies
  • Logistics
  • Indirect Spend
    • Operating Materials & Services
    • Professional Services, Travel, Consulting, Labor
    • Environmental Services
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing

Who Can Buy in Chemours

Execution Authority is needed for anyone to procure materials or services on behalf of Chemours. This authority is granted to personnel in buying roles and on buying teams. Only someone with the proper Execution Authority can establish an agreement that commits Chemours funds to be paid to a supplier. Someone without Execution Authority cannot "buy" on behalf of Chemours.

Expectations of Suppliers

At Chemours, we help create a more colorful, capable, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry. Chemistry powers our company, and our values – customer centered, refreshing simplicity, collective entrepreneurship, safety obsession, and unshakeable integrity – are what guide us. These values set the standards for how we interact with our business partners, our employees and our communities. You can read more about our values on the Chemours website.

The Chemours Code of Conduct presents expectations regarding all of our values. It provides information to guide employees so that their business conduct is consistent with the company's ethical standards and to improve the understanding of the company's ethical standards among customers, suppliers and others outside the company. We urge suppliers to read the Chemours Code of Conduct.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations relative to our values. Our goal is that our suppliers, who are integral to Chemours, will embrace these values.

Supplier CR Assessment

We choose to work with supplier partners that provide a safe workplace for their employees, comply with all laws and regulations, protect and advance human rights, and collaborate with us for great results. In simple terms, we expect our suppliers to uphold the high standard to which we hold ourselves accountable. We know that by working with all our partners, we can improve the sustainability of the world in which we live.

We welcome our supplier partners to join The Chemours Company on its corporate responsibility journey by participating in a corporate responsibility (CR) assessment conducted by EcoVadis. You will find further details of our Corporate Responsibility Commitment and the CR assessment in the below announcement from our Chief Procurement Officer.

To access a prerecorded Supplier CR webinar click on this link.

For questions or assistance during the assessment process, please do not hesitate to contact the EcoVadis Supplier Engagement team at Questions concerning Chemours’ expectations for suppliers or the purpose of the CR assessment can be sent to [email protected].

Click the link below to view the Supplier CR Announcement from our Chief Procurement Officer: