Existing Supplier Resources

  • Invoice Requirements

    Your invoice must conform to all local legal requirements, be on your company letterhead and/or invoice template, be a valid tax invoice and must include the following information, as otherwise it may be rejected:

    • Chemours legal company name and address (match legal entity that issued the Purchase Order)
    • Chemours TAX ID
    • Document type (“Invoice” or “Credit” clearly stated on the first page of the document)
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Invoice currency (match the PO currency)
    • Supplier legal name and address (match the legal entity the PO was issued to) 
    • Supplier tax registration number
    • Line item with unit of measure, unit price, description, quantity
    • Supplier banking account details (Optional)

    In addition, invoices must also include:

    • For invoices with purchase order:
      • A single Purchase Order per invoice.
      • A PO line item number per invoice line item, that reflects the materials or services being invoiced.
    • For invoices without purchase orders, include your Chemours business contact.

  • How to Submit Invoices to Chemours

    1. Ariba is our preferred invoice channel.
      • If you are already enabled, please use exclusively Ariba to submit invoices (one invoice per email) and check payment status.
      • If you want to be onboarded to the Ariba network, email [email protected] to get started. More information about Ariba is available here.
    2. Chemours Supplier Portal
      • If you do not use Ariba, the next best option is to submit invoices and check payment status.
    3. Email – Least Preferred option
      • If you are not on Ariba and not using the Chemours Supplier Portal, you can send invoices via email to the relevant mailboxes for your country that you can find in this link >>.
      • Do not use this email for any other correspondence. To ask about payment status or other queries, contact the relevant S2P Helpdesk.
      • Include only one invoice attachment per email.
      • Only send to one e-mail address to avoid duplication.
      • Each attachment to your email should contain only one invoice in one file.
      • Valid attachment formats are .pdf, .doc, .txt, .jpg, .tiff, .xls, .xlsx, .zip and .xml.
      • Maximum file size of attachment is 10 MB.
      • Images should be in black and white with a minimum DPI of 200 and should not exceed standard A4 size.
      • The background of the attachment should not be black or colored.
      • Avoid using special characters (e.g. “@”, “%”, “$”, “’”, etc.).

  • How to Get Support

    If you are a user of Ariba or the Chemours Supplier Portal, please use these platforms to check the status of your invoices and contact the helpdesk only for reminders, statements and letter updates.

    If you need support, reach out to the relevant S2P helpdesk contact for your region at:

    How to Engage the Helpdesk

    • Invoice status: We recommend you utilize the Ariba Network to check the status of your invoices (see guide attached). Alternatively, you can send an email to the relevant Source to Pay (S2P) helpdesk.
      • Please do not contact your Chemours business contact for invoice/payment related queries as this will only delay the resolution.
    • Reminders, statements, and letter updates must be sent to our Source to Pay (S2P) Helpdesk mailboxes.

  • Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

    Purchase Order Terms & Conditions
    Except where Chemours and a supplier have entered into a separate formal agreement, all Purchase Orders (PO) placed by Chemours with a supplier are subject to Chemours General Terms and Conditions (GTC) available below:

    • English – Coming Soon

    The SAP Business Network (Ariba)
    Chemours transacts with suppliers through the Ariba Network to electronically exchange POs, order confirmations, advanced shipping notices, invoices, and payment status for all purchases – direct goods, indirect goods, and services. Chemours requires all suppliers to be enabled on the Ariba Network to submit electronic invoices through the Ariba Network.

    No PO, No Pay Policy

    • Suppliers should not accept any verbal or written order unless a PO number is associated with it.
    • The PO number must be included on the invoice, or the invoice will be returned.
    • All invoices must be issued to Chemours in the month that services are performed and/or goods are delivered.
    • In order to reduce waste and ensure quick processing, invoices must be submitted directly to Chemours Accounts Payable department electronically through the Ariba Network.

Sustainability Resources for Chemours Suppliers

Our Procurement organization is committed to building a sustainable supplier base, so we provide our suppliers with resources to improve their sustainability performance.

TfS Academy

As a member of Together for Sustainability (TfS), Chemours suppliers get free access to the TfS Academy, a capability building hub for TfS member companies and their suppliers. Inside the TfS Academy, you can explore a new home for learning and up-skilling on a range of sustainability topics; the perfect place to boost your knowledge, connect with the wider TfS community to share your learning experiences, and play your part in creating more sustainable, innovative, and resilient chemical supply chains. Learn more here

EcoVadis Academy

The EcoVadis Academy -accessible through the EcoVadis platform- is available and free for all EcoVadis-rated Chemours’ suppliers to learn and upskill themselves on a range of sustainability topics. It contains courses designed to help EcoVadis customers learn about and improve their sustainability management practices. The course material covers policies, actions and reporting across the four sustainability themes as well as broader topics such as training, certification, and risk management, and more. Learn more here >>