Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Except where Chemours and a supplier have entered into a separate formal agreement, all Purchase Orders (PO) placed by Chemours with a supplier are subject to Chemours General Terms and Conditions (GTC) available below:

The SAP Business Network (Ariba)

Chemours transacts with suppliers through the Ariba Network to electronically exchange POs, order confirmations, advanced shipping notices, invoices, and payment status for all purchases – direct goods, indirect goods, and services. Chemours requires all suppliers to be enabled on the Ariba Network to submit electronic invoices through the Ariba Network.

No PO, No Pay Policy

  • Suppliers should not accept any verbal or written order unless a PO number is associated with it.
  • The PO number must be included on the invoice, or the invoice will be returned.
  • All invoices must be issued to Chemours in the month that services are performed and/or goods are delivered.
  • In order to reduce waste and ensure quick processing, invoices must be submitted directly to Chemours Accounts Payable department electronically through the Ariba Network.