Chemours Makes Fortune 500 For the Second Straight Year

Mark Vergnano, Chemours CEO and President, discusses the repeat performance and looks ahead.

Making the Fortune 500

Our growth over the past few years puts us in good company

After making the Fortune 500 in 2017, we said that it was an accolade we intended to hold on to. We’ve remained true to that vow. This recognition is the latest proof point in Chemours’ transition to growth. In just over three years, we were born, we successfully transformed, and we are now earning our way to growth through responsible chemistry. Leveraging the same passion and energy that powered our transformation, our trajectory to growth is clear.

A Conversation With Mark Vergnano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chemours.

Q. What does it mean for Chemours to be named on the Fortune 500 list for the second year running?

A. It’s a result we’re all very proud of, but it’s not an accident. Making it into the Fortune 500 last year was a testament to the successful execution of our five-point transformation. We’ve taken Chemours from what I would say was good; to where we are now, which is great—a huge accomplishment. Making Fortune 500 again this year, and the years to come, symbolizes our growth strategy in action.

Q. How do you plan to continue this momentum over the next three to five years?

A. We will focus on the next phase of growth by developing and delivering Higher Value Chemistry to improve the lives of people everywhere. We have distilled the essential elements of our plan into four parts: Portfolio, Partnerships, Performance, and People. Higher Value Chemistry is about bringing innovative, high-value solutions to our customers like Ti-Pure™ One Coat pigments and our portfolio of low global-warming potential Opteon™ products. We’re confident that this strategy will deliver benefits to our shareholders, customers, employees, and, ultimately, the world.

Q. What does this achievement mean for your employees and customers?

A. It’s a moment of great pride for our employees, and they have earned every bit of the credit they get. It’s people who are your best assets, and we have extremely dedicated people who truly feel like they own this company. Their ideas are what have really driven our accomplishments. We also have our customers to thank. Through these partnerships and the power of collaboration, we’re finding new solutions to old problems that make everyone more successful—up and down our entire value chain.

Q. When looking to the future of Chemours, what excites you?

A. This is a pivotal moment for Chemours. Now we are focused on growth. It’s exciting to know that we delivered on everything we set out to do during our transformation, and that we’re ready to take the next step. Our foundation is solid, and we look forward to delivering new and innovative products to the marketplace by driving value and growth opportunities for our customers, creating a culture of winning among all our 7,000 employees worldwide, and improving people’s lives everywhere. What’s remarkable about our journey is not how far we’ve come, but how much further we can go.