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A Message from Our Leadership

The last few months have been challenging as we adjust to new realities—new normals—in the midst of this unprecedented health crisis. And although each day has been fraught with uncertainty, Chemours’ response has been steadfast, guided by our North Star: protecting the health and well-being of every employee. Employees remain our top priority even as we work together to continue meeting the needs of our customers without compromising our or their safety.

Every day, Chemours teams all over the world are working around the clock to protect employees, support customers, and minimize business disruptions. Some actions are easy to spot; they include social distancing, dramatically reducing business travel, working from home when possible, keeping operations to essential personnel, and continuing to provide health benefits to everyone regardless of hours worked. Other actions are less visible, but no less vigorous, like interpreting and following new local and federal COVID-related government mandates; ensuring Chemours staff who must report for work can do so in a safe environment; and responding to customer inquiries with no loss of efficiency and effectiveness.

At this writing, all Chemours plant sites are operating, and our Asia Pacific teams have returned to their offices. We are nothing if not resilient, and that resilience is a testament to the commitment of our employees around the globe, stepping-up and doing their part every day.  At some point the world will find its way to a new normal, the next normal, which will be felt in both our professional and personal lives. Whatever the case, Chemours will be there producing the products our customers want and the innovations the world needs—all through the power of chemistry.

Stay safe and healthy,

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How We’re Keeping our Employees, Families, Customers, and Communities Safe

With our Safety Obsession value as our guide, we acted swiftly to ensure we’re able to keep serving our customers and operating our plant sites and offices around the world.

Protecting our Employees

From early implementation of social distancing to novel coronavirus-related safety protocols across our locations (including remote work, augmented shift schedules, limiting site access, and health checks) to hyper-local community donations and volunteerism, Chemours is proud to do its part to fight this pandemic.

Serving our Customers

Even in times of unprecedented uncertainty, we’re working closely with our customers to ensure they continue to deliver products to their customers. In some cases, that includes such critical, COVID-combating products as ventilators, test kits, pulmonary treatment systems, personal protective equipment, disinfectant agents, and more. Our 7,000 employees are dedicated to serving our customers without interruption, while staying well and keeping safe.

Supporting our Local Communities

We’re committed to being a force for good in communities around the world where we operate, and a pandemic doesn’t change that. In Wilmington, Delaware; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Penns Grove, New Jersey; DeLisle Mississippi; as well as Laguna and Altamira, Mexico that meant donating personal protective equipment (PPE)—more than 12,000 masks and gloves alone—to frontline workers. In Asturias, Spain our team donated laptops to students to help them stay connected while distance-learning at home. Other employees have used their Chemours Day of Service to sew masks for essential workers.

Moreover, we’ve established the Chemours COVID-19 Community Fund to help protect the safety and health of our local communities across the globe. Whether that's funding safety education, procuring PPE for small businesses, purchasing fabric for local mask-making, or any number of other community needs—our commitment to our local communities remains steadfast. We’re proud to play our part in the fight against COVID-19, one community, one family, one front-line worker at a time.