When Words Become Action, Change Happens.


We’ve spent the last few weeks listening, learning, and reflecting. After powerful and eye-opening discussions with our Chemours Black Employee Network (CBEN) and diversity experts, it became abundantly clear that Chemours must champion change and embrace diversity more deeply. But welcoming diversity is not enough.

At Chemours we have zero-tolerance for racism in any of its ugly forms. Repeat: zero tolerance. But today we’re taking that statement a step further and moving decisively from words to actions. Today, we are announcing specific initiatives we will put in place to build a company—and contribute to a world—that is anti-racism, pro-diversity and inclusion, and safe for everyone. This work is focused in three areas: our workplace, STEM education, and community outreach.

Our Workplace

First and foremost, Chemours will focus on continuing to create and shape a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and supportive of every employee regardless of race, ethnicity, color, creed, or sexual orientation or identity. This important work will evolve over time, but immediate changes include:

  1. The introduction of a zero-tolerance policy governing racist acts and behaviors
  2. A broader definition of our Safety value to include all aspects of safety—physical, emotional, and psychological
  3. Expanded employee training and education on eliminating bias, driving diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all employees.

We will evaluate our progress through regular conversations with each of our Employee Resource Groups, who will provide the candid feedback and support needed to deliver on our commitments.

STEM Education

Second, Chemours will expand its Future of Chemistry Scholarship (FOCS) program to all U.S. worksites in support of students pursuing STEM fields of study at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). In addition, we’ll encourage other companies in the chemical Industry to join our FOCS program, expanding its reach, creating even more opportunities.

Further, in the United States and in other regions where we operate, Chemours will award scholarships to underrepresented students attending schools other than HBCUs, including technical schools, community colleges, and specialized university programs designed to attract top talent to our industry.

Community Outreach

Finally, to ignite a life-long love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Chemours will work with our sites to adopt local elementary schools in our footprint communities, supporting delivery of high quality science to children and making sure underserved populations receive the same exposure to STEM as more affluent, less diverse neighborhoods.

In this extraordinary moment, our willingness to hold steadfast to our corporate values has never been more important. We truly believe when we work to make Chemours better, we’re contributing to a world that is better for everyone. We hope others in our industry and across corporate America will join us. Together, we can make change happen.